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Energija-Ekologija-Ekonomika tehnologije d.o.o.

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Energija-Ekologija-Ekonomika tehnologije d.o.o.

HQ: Ulica Jurja Dobrile 17, Trešnjevka, Zagreb, Croatia
Office: Kovinska 4a, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Telephone: 099/2164-393

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    About us

    Our activities can be divided in two main programs:

    • Battery regeneration and industrial electronics (BR/IE)
    • Metal products for logistics (MPL)

    These two seemingly disparate programs unify our goal: to save energy by applying high environment-protection standard in business activities and use own resources in a more economical manner.

    Battery regeneration and industrial electronics

    Using our knowledge, experience and work, in 2009, we successfully developed the technology of electro-chemical desulfation of lead acid batteries. Ever since, we have been working on finding and developing innovative solutions for the purpose of operating in a more economical manner. The idea that it is necessary to improve the operation and efficiency of lead acid batteries came from our experience in solving problems that occur frequently in logistics. More particularly, traction batteries used in industry and logistics often do not meet daily needs, and that is a problem we have successfully solved.

    Metal products for logistics (MPL)

    Our second business segment is the preparation of rationalization projects for useful storage areas. The usability of storage and transport areas is an important parameter of economical warehouse system operation; we offer our knowledge and experience acquired through two decades of work in the area of logistics and equipping of large warehouse areas.

    Energija-Ekologija-Ekonomika tehnologije d.o.o.
    OIB: 78137753515
    ID: HR78137753515
    Business account PBZ HR40 2340 0091 1104 01674
    limited liability company for trade and services, with headquarters in Zagreb
    Entered into the registry of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under registration number MBS 080707168
    Share capital in the amount of HRK 20,000.00 paid in full.
    Member of the Management Board Teodora Fort Mlakar dr.vet. med., direktorica
    Teodora Fort Mlakar, DVM 099 21 64 393, tea@eeetehnologije.com
    Bojan Fort Mlakar, BSc (El. Eng.) 098 221 229, bojan@eeetehnologije.com
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