Battery regeneration.

Battery regeneration

With use, batteries lose their capacity and the efficiency of the energy stored within. As a consequence, the battery requires frequent charging, cannot be charged fully, fails to perform as expected and consumes increased amounts of power. Our technology increases the initial capacity and extends the battery’s service life.

Battery regeneration is a relatively new technology of servicing lead acid batteries which is also used as a prevention measure that extends the battery’s service life.

By applying new technologies, we resolve the problem resulting from lead sulphate deposits and reduced active mass at the electrodes. (more Expert texts)

It is exactly the deposited lead sulphate and loss of active mass that are the most frequent cause of poor battery performance.

The purpose of battery regeneration

  • extension of the battery’s service life and decrease of operating expenses
  • optimization of working hours due to the decreased need for battery charging
  • environment preservation due to the decreased need for replacement of worn-out batteries

Regeneration methods

  • pulse technology (desulfators)
  • electro-chemical technology
  • installation of the time-voltage module into the chargers
  • charging of cells by segments

The offer includes

  • battery capacity measurement
  • capacity renewal by virtue of one of the regeneration methods
  • battery servicing and replacement of worn-out cells, as necessary
  • technical assessment of the necessary battery capacity according to scope of work


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