The development of optimized traction battery charging system is in its final phase, production due to start in fall


In May 2016 we have signed a Cooperation Agreement with the College for Information Technologies (VSITE) for the purpose of consulting services to develop a prototype of microcontroller devices and software support for the further development of the time-voltage module as a part of the “smart traction battery charger” project.

We are happy to share the news that we have recently successfully finished developing the prototype.

The project was initiated as a continued development of our patented product in terms of digitalization and expansion of utilization features. This will be the second product we putting on the market in the last three years, and it will round off the idea of controlled and optimized charging of industrial batteries. What makes it especially interesting for future users is that the charging process of these batteries is entirely controlled from a central control unit, where software created for this purpose scans and controls the charging process.

Production is due to start as early as this fall, and the product itself will ensure a number of advantages:

  • optimized charging of lead-acid batteries with voltage and electricity control in real time,
  • automatic activation of diode chargers during the lower tariff period
  • prolonging the longevity of lead-acid batteries by tracking their state and automatic activation of desulfurization procedure
  • Lead-acid battery and diode charger failure diagnostics

You can find out more about the optimized battery charging system in the presentation.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank our project team from VSITE: Stjenka Bojanić, Mihael Buković, Ivan Britvić, Milan Davidović, Jurica Đurić and Koća Vrančić.