Optimized battery charging systems.

Optimized battery charging systems

We service all types of chargers for traction and stationary batteries
We install time-voltage modules into your battery chargers

  • The installation of a time-voltage module to your battery’s charger enables proper battery charging and improved capacity usage, and thus also a longer battery service life.
  • Presentation: Time-voltage module

We service desulfators

Production and innovations
We produce:

  • innovative time-voltage modules 
    Time-voltage modules are electronic devices installed in chargers that enable maximum charging of old but sound batteries (more Expert texts)
  • special chargers with 5 separate secondaries that enable simultaneous and independent charging of 10 2-volt cells (10 x 2V)

We sell:

  • time-voltage modules
  • Chargers for traction and stationary batteries
  • Desulfators
  • Replacement battery cells
  • New batteries and cells
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