We won a silver medal and the first prize for the most successful innovation in energy at the most visited international innovation exhibition in Croatia

Although most entrepreneurs and employees have returned to their jobs and started planning new work assignments, business plans and goals for this year, we will look back on the success we achieved late last year. In fact, when we go through the film and remember the beginning of 2019, we have to admit that we couldn’t have imagined a nicer ending now than the previous business year.

Keep reading to see what we are so proud of.

We will remember our first appearance at the Innovation Exhibition for a long time

At the end of last year, we had the opportunity to be part of the 44th Croatian Innovation Salon with international participation – INOVE 2019 and 15th Exhibition of Innovations, Prototypes and Student Business Plans – BE A SAMPLE 2019 at which we introduced ourselves with our OBC system for optimized battery charging. The international judge panel recognized the value and success of our project and we won no less than a silver medal!

We have also been recognized for the best energy innovation we are particularly proud of. It was presented at the ceremonial presentation of plaques and awards by Mr. Bojan Fort-Mlakar. What an exhibition of innovations is really about will be revealed in the following lines.


It is the second oldest exhibition of innovations in the world and the second largest European exhibition of innovations, which has been held since 1971, and last year saw a number of international exhibitors from the Russian Federation, China, Romania, Poland, Malaysia. Iran, Indonesia, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, UK, Vietnam and other countries.

In addition to foreign investors, a number of Croatian innovators, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, craftsmen and scientists in the field of tourism, cosmetics, energy, green technology, ecology and other activities also presented themselves at the exhibition.

The innovators presented their innovations in three categories: foreign innovators (124 innovations in total), Croatian innovators (89 innovations) and young innovators (77 innovations).

Our participation in the event of the same name would not be possible without the diligence of the organizers themselves, so we have to mention that the 44th Croatian Innovation Salon – INOVA 2019 and 15. BE A SAMPLE 2019 was organized by the Union of Croatian Innovators, the Union of Innovators of Zagreb, TERA-Tehnopolis d.o.o., as well as co-organizers of the City of Zagreb. The exhibition was hosted by the Zagreb Fair and co-sponsored by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The international organizer was WIIPA (World Organization for Innovators and Industrial Property).

If you want to learn more about the possibilities that OBC’s battery optimization system can achieve when it comes to business savings and improving environmental awareness, or simply want to know more about the process of preparing and presenting this innovation, contact us on 099 2164 393 or on 098 221 229 or mail info@eeeteechnologies.com