TIME-VOLTAGE MODULE – a technological breakthrough in battery use


Another innovative breakthrough by E.E.E. Technologije Ltd. was accomplished in April of this year through a new Time-voltage Module. It is a unique product which complies with the highest ecological standards, and a patent protection issued in Croatian Intellectual Property Gazette (nr. 8/2016) is yet another proof of its uniqueness.

The applicant for the patent protection is E.E.E. Technologije Ltd. under the number P20140958A, whose inventor is Bojan Fort Mlakar, B.Eng. The application representative is Tatjana Sučić, M.Sc.Eng of Callidea Ltd.

Time-voltage module is an electronic device which is installed on a traction battery charger. With the use of this module, it is possible to fully charge a used traction battery and therefore prolong its longevity and utilization in the work process. With the use of this module, e.g. forklifts can operate for a longer time without the need for additional charging.

This product is certified and carries a CE marking, saves time and reduces energy costs. Finally, it decreases the amount of hazardous waste.

The product is available for purchase in Zagreb and Celje. To arrange training for montage procedure and use, as well as expected savings, contact us via our website application or call us at +385992164393.