ECOFUNDING – media promotion

An issue of the CROENERGO magazine presented projects of ten selected companies which now successfully participate in the ECOFUNDING project. We are one of these recognized companies participating in the project. Feel free to read the article published in the professional magazine.

ECOFUNDING – media promotion


Energija- Ekologija- Ekonomika Tehnologije d.o.o.

  1. The company and its business

The Energija- Ekologija-Ekonomika Tehnologije d.o.o. company has been successfully operating and developing ever since its establishment in 2009. Our business is founded on a range of innovative technologies, services and products aimed at rationalizing the use of electrical energy and useful space in logistics and industry. In doing so, we make sure to contribute to environment protection and, by using own resources in a more purposeful manner, run our business in a more economical manner. We see opportunities for saving energy and reducing the amount of hazardous waste in efficiently and rationally using energy, which can be achieved by implementing our two basic programs in logistics processes.

  • Battery regeneration and industrial electronics (BR/IE)
  • Metal products for logistics (MPL)

The Energija- Ekologija- Ekonomika Tehnologije d.o.o. company conducts its activities through two basic programs: battery regeneration and industrial electronics (BR/IE), and metal products for logistics (MPL) which enable our clients to save energy and space, and, consequentially, to operate in a more economical manner.

Based on our knowledge, experience and the need to extend the service life of traction batteries (used in logistics for, e.g. driving forklifts), in 2009 we developed the technology of electro-chemical desulfation of lead acid batteries aimed at achieving more economical business operations, reducing the amount of hazardous waste, improving efficiency and using electrical energy in a more rational manner.

As an upgrade to the desulfation technology, we patented a new product which is now under development: time-voltage module (TVM) which is installed in existing battery chargers. The development of the patent is a new stage in the improvement of our business. With this new product, battery charging is improved, machines can work longer without requiring connection to the power grid. All of this enables time and energy savings, and in the end, reduced amounts of hazardous waste.

  • These two seemingly disparate programs unify our goal: to save energy by applying higher environment protection standards and use own resources in a more economical manner. Energy, environment protection and economics are causally intertwined and indivisibly connected. We live in a world where energy use cannot be avoided, but can and must be rationalized, because of our responsibility towards the upcoming generations and ourselves.


  1. What does green economy mean to you, and to what extent do you include sustainable development principles in your business processes

Today, green economy is a priority in planning and designing the development of every business entity. It is important to find an economic development model with the minimum environmental footprint, use energy and natural resources as rationally as possible, and manage waste and secondary raw materials in a responsible manner. By consolidating these principles, we form the foundations for sustainable development.

Our company is developing in that direction. We believe that significant social changes will occur in the near future and that society will become aware of the need to preserve natural resources and protect the environment.

The technology and products we use in our business promote rational use of energy and space. We also focus on raising business entities’ awareness of the need to reduce the amounts of waste.


  1. What do you expect from the ECOFUNDING project

The ECOFUNDING project serves as support for us in realizing our goals. We appreciate the cooperation and hope our company, recognized through this project, will be better presented on the domestic and foreign markets. Moreover, we would like to use the ECOFUNDING project to introduce our users and potential developmental investors to our innovative technologies and products.


  1. How much can such a project contribute to company strengthening, its competitiveness and visibility in general

Such projects certainly contribute to business improvement and create opportunities for strengthening and development.

If a company has a high-quality program which is well presented and stands out in the market, its competitiveness and economic strengthening improve. When a company is presented through projects and information is communicated to potential investors, it is easier to find investors interested in cooperation. Investing in development creates more opportunities and increases the company’s competitiveness on the market.


  1. Should every company be based on sustainable development and what are the implications in general

Sustainable development is a big challenge for today’s economy, but maintaining and increasing economic development while protecting the environment should definitely be the basis of every company’s business.

Such a vision of development requires significant involvement of all segments of society, but offers great opportunities as well.


  1. A message to existing and future entrepreneurs

 Our experience shows that an entrepreneur, in such demanding times, must always contemplate and work on new ideas and projects, bearing in mind the need for sustainable development as we have just barely sneaked into this wide area of new opportunities.


Bojan Fort Mlakar, BSc (El. Eng.)
Technical Development Manager